MUCKER is an authentic Stockholm-based, global culture brand without borders, targeting young, open-minded, international people who are ethical, but stuck with their heads in their apps, glued with apathy and need a new fashion brand to ignite action, a wake up, unleashing punk attitude, humor, creativity, to do good and make an impact.


Earth, we need you!

Do something.
Get off your ass. Go outside.

This is a call to arms.

We’ve been going along, minding our own business and the world is going down. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.
All punks and yoga gurus, sexy beasts, the tattooed, the smart, the hungry from everywhere, and the educated.

And then boom, something will shift.

People will be changed for ever.
For better or for worse, nothing will be the same.
Well-behaved fashion brands seldom make history.
The time for poser brands that do nothing is over.
Consumerism is dead, unless you’re doing good.

Movement or lose it.